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Ceilume Ceiling Tiles

Ceilume Ceiling Tiles Now in Ghana

In our quest to correct & address one of the major problems of all ceiling types which is discoloring and staining due to their inability to resist excess moisture, Vony Ghana Limited have introduced our flagship Ceiling Product from the U.S - a Fireproof and Water Proof CEILUME CEILING TILES & PANELS as an ideal prototype Ceiling for offices, churches, restaurants, shopping malls, and homes. They come in over 40 styles/designs and in different colours to choose from.

The CEILUME CEILING TILES & PANELS have numerous advantages over the other ceiling materials such as wood (panel and ply), mineral fiber etc.

Advantages of CEILUME CEILING TILES include:

    • Waterproof
    • Mildew & Bacteria Resistant
    • Fireproof [CLASS A FIRE RATING]
    • Heat Resistant
    • Stain Resistant
    • Very High in Aesthetic Quality
    • Lightweight & Easy to Install
    • Demountable
    • FDA Compliant
    • Last a Life time
    • Cost Effective
    • Green Guard Indoor Air Quality Certified

Choosing the Right Ceiling Tiles

    Ceilume Ceiling Tiles
    Drop Ceiling Tiles

    You need drop ceiling tiles if you will be 'dropping
    your ceiling tiles into a suspended T-bar grid.
    Available in: 2' x 2' tiles, 2' x 4' panels, 6 colours, 3 metallic finishes.

    Ceilume Ceiling Tiles
    Glue-up Ceiling Tiles

    You need glue-up ceiling tiles if you will be mounting
    your tiles to a smooth surface.
    Available in: 2' x 2' tiles, 2' x 4' tiles, 5 colours, 3 metallic finishes.

Our Best Selling Ceiling Tiles

You can dowload our most popular tiles from our over 40 unique styles.          Download Catalogue

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